Programme Schedule

The Children and Youth Pavilion will feature 9 days of programming – including the following thematic days highlighting issues crucial to children and youth: Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE), Adaptation, Biodiversity, Cities and Urban Spaces, Climate Justice, Energy, Finance, Gender, Health, Innovation, Science and Technology, Loss and Damage, Oceans, Policy and Governance, Resilience, Water, Youth and Future Generations.

Tuesday 8th November - Climate Justice

Conference Room

10.00 - 10.55: Opening Ceremony of the Children and Youth Pavilion

11.05 - 11.55: The World’s Biggest Problems require the World’s Highest Courts: A youth perspective on how international legal tools can achieve climate and ecological justice

Organizers: Youth for Ecocide Law & World’s Youth for Climate Justice

Description of the session: This youth-led panel will showcase two international legal avenues to address the climate and ecological crises: criminalizing ecocide at the International Criminal Court and seeking an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice. How can these solutions protect our future when governments and corporate leaders fail to act?
Objectives of the session: We are in the middle of a climate emergency. Governments and institutions must move beyond empty pledges, towards transformative policies and actions. This session showcases two game-changing solutions for environmental justice. We aim to share ideas, educate audience members, and open dialogue between two movements that are gaining global traction.
Speakers:: Dalia Marquez, Jojo Mehta, Mert Kumru, Willy Missack, Daniela Miranda, Xiye Bastida

12:00 - 12:25: Special address: Selwin Hart, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Climate Action and Just Transition

12:35 - 13:25: Actions of the Present: Attaining a Just Future

Organizers: UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
Description: Despite their vulnerability, children and youth around the world are stepping up and are powerful agents of change advocating for ambitious climate action from local to global scenarios. Youth, especially from climate vulnerable nations are at the forefront of the crisis, and need to be equipped with the skills to tackle a global existential crisis of such scale. Recognizing the power of children and youth, we will invite 6 child activists, 8 United Nations High-Level Climate Champions youth fellows, and distinguished guests to conduct a transformative session across intergenerational and sectoral boundaries on the actions they are taking in their areas of expertise, and regions to convene an intergenerational, intersectional, cross-sectoral, highly interactive, and creative space to move out of working in silos towards raised ambition, and global climate action.
  • To explore how cross-sectoral, intergenerational collaboration is established in present day climate success stories.
  • To determine whether we have a full understanding of the rights of people and the planet.
  • To establish the role different stakeholders can play when we envision a comprehensive system of justice.
  • To recommend a holistic approach that can unite our efforts.

13:35 - 14-25: Children and Youth in conversation with HE Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados

14:35 - 15:25: 6 TEDx style presentations

15:30 - 15:55: What is Racial Justice?

Organizers: Black Indigenous Liberation Movement
Objectives: In this session we have Black and Indigenous peoples together to discuss how to move in solidarity to push our movement for liberation forward in the climate movement.
Description: The Black and Indigenous Liberation Movement represents and organizes the most revolutionary communities on the continents who can not only envision but act on what it takes to create and maintain autonomy and protection of our Land.As our communities continue to be the most impacted by armed conflict, the climate crisis, and displacement on the continents, this is a step towards solidarity and to maintain cohesive alignment between Black and Indigenous groups to sustain and project a strong foundation of solidarity
Speakers: Final list of speakers including their country and affiliated organization.
  • Sydney Males Ecuador- Kichwa Peoples of Otavalo
  • Emilio Chong Wankavilka Peoples of Ecuador (Spanish Translation)
  • Maria Jose Andrade Kichwa Peoples of Serena in Ecuador
  • Patricia Sally, Uganda (BILM)
  • Natasha Sally (Uganda)

16:05 - 16:55: Missing Majority transforming climate action

Organizers: Restless Development
Description: Young people’s voices are not being heard in decision making platforms. They are being excluded, especially from countries most severely affected by intersecting crises. #MissingMajority provides a platform for young people to be heard, share their stories, demand greater ambition and ensure no young people are getting left behind.
Objectives: Highlighting the voices of young people not at COP due to funding restriction, visa issues, safeguarding concerns or lack of access to badges. This session will provide a creative space for conversation with young people at COP as well as raise the profile of those not present physically.
  • Ines Yabar Peru Restless Development
  • Azeez Abubakar Nigeria, Global Shapers
  • Angela Zhong, United States, SustainUS
  • Devika Chhabra, India, Restless Development

17:05 - 17:55: #Decarbonize Global Climate Project - Centring the Voices of Children in Climate Conversations

Organizers: Centre for Global Education

  • 00 Champion youth-to-youth peer learning, discussions, innovations, and action
  • Showcase innovative, national climate change education, and reflect on what is needed to scale up and enhance youth capacity-building initiatives
  • Discuss key elements that facilitate transformative action at different levels within the K-12 education system

Description: Engaging children in meaningful dialogue and action around climate change is critical to supporting young people’s vision for a better future. This session will present the impacts of the #Decarbonize global child mobilization, a school-based program that bridges the perspectives of thousands of young people from over 70 countries.
  • Ms. Rebecca Moon
  • Yaseen Shindy
  • Ankith Suhas Rao
  • Lura Lucia Akumu Marwa
  • Juana Antognozzi Beramendi

Media Room

12.00 - 13.00: Podcast recording in progress

Curated by Abigael Kima

Wednesday 9th November - Finance and Health

Conference Room

10:05 - 10:55: Demystifying Sustainable Finance for an Intergenerational Audience

Organizers: Youth Climate Lab, Youth Energy Agency

Description: The session will be a panel with significant time for audience Q&A and interaction. To ensure the audience has strong takeaways from the event, the organizers will prepare a “Private Climate Finance Glossary” to help attendees get up to speed quickly. We will also publish a post-event write up.


  • Moderator: Jodi-Ann Wang - Canada G20 Youth Delegate; Senior Climate Policy Analyst, UNPRI

  • Speaker 2: David Carlin - UNEP-FI (online speaker)

  • Speaker 3: Julie Segal - Environmental Defence and Youth Climate Lab

  • Speaker 4: Vadim Kuznetsov - Russia G20 Youth Delegate, UN MGCY SDG7 Youth Consituency, BRICS Youth Energy Agency

  • Speaker 5: Jessica Omukuti - Oxford Net-Zero, member of UN High-Level Expert Group on the Net-Zero Emissions Commitments of Non-State Entities

11:05 - 11:55: Climate Finance: Caribbean Youth Accelerating Ocean and Climate Action in Small Island Developing States; and context for Internal Displacements and Climate Refugees in South Asia

Organized by: Carribean Youth Environment Network and Bring Back Green Foundation
Description: This session will highlight practical youth led climate solutions in Caribbean SIDS including on building capacity, mobilizing finance for climate and ocean action. The discussion will also look at climate refugees and internal displacements highlighting existing and possible climate finance mechanisms that could aid these affected communities.
Objectives: To highlight the work of Caribbean youth in contributing towards the attainment of national climate and ocean targets, with potential for upscaling and replication, as well as the plight of refugees and internally displaced communities affected by climate change in the context of lack of human rights and understanding opportunities for climate finance.
  • Zainab Zahid, United International Federation of Youth as a Youth Focal Point for Central and South Asia
  • Romchat WACHIRARATTANAKORNKUL, UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR)
  • Akhilesh Anil Kumar, Director: Bring Back Green Foundation
  • Vikrant Srivastava, Co-Founder, Nisarg
  • Evan Hanna, CYEN Bahamas
  • Ivanna Odle, CYEN Barbados

12:00 - 12:25 Special address: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization & Dr. Beth Dunford, Vice President for Agriculture, Human and Social Development at African Development Bank

12:35 - 13:25: Creating Win-Win Solutions: How Policymakers Can Advance Climate Action and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Together

Organizers: Generation Equality Forum’s Action Coalition on Feminist Action for Climate Justice Action Coalition

Objectives: Participants will come away from this session with 1) a greater understanding of the SRHR-climate change intersection and the opportunities for integrated policy action, and 2) concrete examples for how they can integrate a gender lens into their climate adaptation approaches and/or a climate lens into their SRHR policies and programming.

Description: This session will provide guidance to policymakers how they can take integrated action on SRHR and climate change, and how to ensure that young women's voices and leadership are at the center. Join us to hear from frontline youth leaders from around the world and policy experts in this inspiring and action-oriented discussion.


  • Lorena Aguilar - Kaschak Institute for Social Justice for Women and Girls. Costa Rica

  • Victoria Rampazzo - Feminist Action Coalition for Climate Justice (FACJ). Brazil

  • Fazeela Murabak - Feminist Action Coalition for Climate Justice (FACJ). Kenya

  • Barbara Merz, Pathfinder International. Australia

  • Theo Gibbs, YLabs. USA

  • Ahmad Owda, UNFPA. Palestine

  • Alejandra Quiguantar - Tejiendo Pensamientos. Colombia

  • Queen Chikwendu, Gender Mobile. Nigeria

13:35 - 14:25: Clean Air for a Healthy Planet: How to Support Youth Leadership and Intergenerational Action on Air Pollution

Organizers: Latin American Coalition for Clean Air, YLabs, UrbanBetter, LSHTM, YOUNGO, UNICEF
Objectives: This interactive dialogue will explore how we can advance a multi-sectoral and intergenerational clean air agenda. Participants will come away with inspiration for new creative ways of elevating action on air quality and tactics to engage different generations and stakeholders effectively.
Description: Clean air is vital to human and planetary health, yet 99% of the world’s population does not have access to it. The primary sources of air pollution are also key drivers of global emissions - revealing a crucial opportunity to improve outcomes for people and the planet-.
  • Alejandro Daly, Latin American Coalition for Clean Air
  • Dr. Maria Neira, World Health Organization
  • Chin Chin Lam YOUNGO and Global Youth Development Institute
  • Jane Burston, Clean Air Fund

Moderators: Theo Gibbs, YLabs

14:30 - 14:55: Tedx Slot // plant medicine by YOUNGO + others // mental disorderse by XIM University // ECD by Youth Centre for Global Health and Research

15:05 - 16:25: 'World Café: it's time to fund youth climate justice movements!'

Organizers: Youth Climate Justice Fund, Climate Share
Over the course of this session, youth representatives will have the opportunity to connect with representatives from a variety of organisations and companies (e.g. philanthropies, re-granting organisations, companies) who have the resources and interest to support youth and their climate-focused initiatives on various dimensions, such as mentorship, financial support and partnerships. After a brief introduction, the World Café format is meant to facilitate an open dialogue in a casual format between youth and speakers, with the opportunity for both sides to learn from each other to better facilitate partnerships and financial support. Youth will be able to learn more about what opportunities may be a fit for their initiatives, while organisations have a chance to better understand the needs of the youth attendees and the projects they are working on.

16:35 - 17:25: The Youth Health Argument for Intergenerational Climate Justice

Organizers: YOUNGO HEALTH, IPSF, IFMSA, CGHA, Students for Global Health
  • Raise awareness on the need to adopt a health argument for climate action;
  • Explore youth-led, system-focused, climate actions as health interventions with socioeconomic health co-benefits
  • Increase recognition of the co-benefits as a key opportunity for achieving health justice.
  • Facilitate collaboration on collective action and strengthen solidarity between movements.

Description: This session will explore how climate change impacts health directly and indirectly. Recognising the oppression that marginalized people face, panellists will share best practices and demonstrate concrete solutions that young people are leading to adapt and mitigate to the harms of climate change on people’s health, including systemic solutions that impact health outcomes.
  • Yoko Lu Female-Canada (Contact Point -YOUNGO Health WG)(North America)
  • Deena Maryeim -Female (india) (YOUNGO-Health)Asia
  • Darien Andres Castro- Male( Ecuador) (YOUNGO Health)LAC
  • Audrey Wong -Female(USA) IPSF
  • Giulia Gasparri- Female () (PMNCH)Europe
  • Mohamed Eissa - Male (Egypt)(IFMSA) Africa
  • Amiteshwar Singh (intro in recording format) - Male (UK) (YCHN) Europe

17:35 - 18:25: Africa’s new power generation: the transformative opportunities provided by carbon finance

Organizers: The Space For Giants Description: The rise of green finance can revolutionise development in Africa. This session will unite political figures, business leaders and youth spokespeople to examine this opportunity; and particularly how it can benefit young people in Africa in terms not only of sustainability but job creation, investment opportunities and money generation. Objectives of your session: 1. Awareness of carbon finance in sub-Saharan Africa; 2. How Africa can (is) developing own green finance initiatives; 3. Opportunity for youth leaders to engage directly with political leaders; 4. Introduce new Giants Club Climate Change Champion; 5. Learn of specific projects being implemented and lessons from their implementation Final list of speakers: President Uhuru Kenyatta (former President of Kenya); Professor Lee White (Minister of Water, Forests, the Sea, and Environment, charged with Climate Change , SDGs and Land-use Planning (Gabon)); Bianca Gichangi (Eastern Africa Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance); Dr Max Graham (CEO, Space for Giants); Peter Bacchus (Green 14)

Media Room

12.00 - 13.00: Podcast recording in progress

Curated by Abigael Kima

Thursday 10th November - Youth

Conference Room

10:05 - 10:55: ‘Don’t look up’: the role of the media in climate breakdown

Organizers: Belfast Telegraph & SeeNewsEgypt
Descriptions: This session aims to highlight the responsibility of the media to communicate accurately andeffectively about climate breakdown. We will discuss the role of young climate reporters, theimportance of accessible climate communications, and how the media can be a tool forenvironmental education.
Objectives: Session participants will learn about how the media should broaden its representations of climate change, and what mediums (e.g. print/ radio) suit different climate stories. Participants will also learn about how the media can make climate action more relatable to people, and why youth participation in media is important
  • Hellen Shikandah (the Daily Nation, Kenya)
  • Nada Fekry (Sada Elbalad, Egypt)
  • Kalain Hosein (Weather Anchor & Journalist at CNC3TV and Guardian TT, Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Tharushi Weerasinghe (Journalist at Times Online LK, Sri Lanka)
  • Paul O. Omorogbe (Online News Editor at Nigerian Tribune, Nigeria)
  • Stuti Mishra (Journalist at the Independent, Delhi)
  • Vivian Chime (Journalist at the Cable Nigeria)
  • Moderated by Rosalind Skillen (Belfast Telegraph)

11:05 - 11:55 ‘Intergenerational Solidarity for Climate Justice: Activism Through the Ages’

Organizers: World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), Restless Development, Future Leaders Network
Description: Intergenerational dialogue, in which activists and decision makers across all ages will come together to reflect on their shared experiences and insights and collectively imagine a path forward for climate justice
  • Strengthen intergenerational collaboration and action between different generations of climate advocates
  • Celebrate success stories of young and old achieving climate justice
  • Inspire the new generation of climate activists and decision makers through powerful stories and actions of the past, ensuring critical learning and experiences are not lost.

12:00 - 12:35: Special address: Mahmoud Mohieldin, UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP27 and Paloma Escudero, Director of Communications UNICEF

12:35-13:25: How climate education leads to solving fundamental problems

Organizers: ClimateScience

Description: Our event will offer insightful panel discussions and roundtables highlighting the importance of science communication, the central role youth play in advancing innovative solutions, and how we can guarantee climate education is accessible and gives everyone a chance to be a changemaker. You can expect our international panelists to represent different sectors and backgrounds - including perspectives from charities, government representatives and foundations.
Objective: The session will split into three blocks dedicated to addressing: the current climate education situation, the challenges, and solutions moving forward. The objective of the session: To allow for a multi-stakeholder discussion on climate change and the implementation of climate education globally.
  • Hailey Campbell, YOUNGO Focal Point of ACE & Executive Director of Care about Climate
  • Mohamed Ali Radiddaoui, COP Party Delegate & Negotiator from Tunisia, NGYA-UN Women, Founder of Nafas
  • Michael Bäcklund, President of ClimateScience

13:35 - 14:25: Children session 'I Am Powerful. I am a Kid! Protecting the Planet Starts With ME.'

14:35 - 15:25: Special event - watch the space!

15:30 - 15:55: ImaGen Ventures: Celebrating Young green changemakers addressing environmental challenges

Organizers: GenU-led in partnership with IKEA Foundation, UNDP, USAID, Scouts, Plan International

Description: This dynamic session will showcase how young green entrepreneurs are the driving vector in climate action by celebrating the winners of the “imaGen Ventures” youth entrepreneurship programme implemented by Generation Unlimited, UNICEF, UNDP, USAID, Plan International & Scouts and has provided thousands of youth with access to

green entrepreneurial skills.

Objectives: The session will culminate in an energizing moment of celebrating youth solidarity and exemplary youth-led action addressing environmental challenges. The global winners of the third iteration of the imaGen Ventures youth entrepreneurship programme will be announced and winners will engage in an interactive intergenerational dialogue sharing their experiences.

Moderator: Calvin Shikuku – co-founder Motorbricks – imaGen Ventures 2.0 winner, Kenya


  • Per Heggenes – CEO of IKEA Foundation

  • Kevin Frey - CEO GenU or Hana Sahatqia – Youth Engagement lead at GenU

  • Leslie Reed - USAID/Egypt Mission Director

Nancy Wanja – Plan International Youth Delegate

16:00 - 16:25: TEDx Slot // The Green Charter by Green Universities of Sustainability // board games by Enviroally // fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty by youth space of treaty

16:35 - 17:25: We are Antarctica

Organizers: Reboot the Future
Description: Ellen Tully, Reboot the Future, will introduce the We Are Antarctica session and film screening (8 min running time). Jack Harries, film-maker and climate influencer along with Shivi Dwivedi, Youth Engagement Lead for the UN High Level Climate Champions for COP26 and COP27, will orchestrate interactive conversations with the audience, connecting individuals with multiple people to explore their relationship with Antarctica and changing climate. The session will use Reboot the Future’s Connection Cards, which prompt emotive conversations that create connections between people and the planet. At the heart of the questions will be the Golden Rule, reminding people that a better future is possible if we treat others and the planet as we wish to be treated. The session will close with a call to action encouraging participants to make a pledge for our planet they feel inspired to take.
Speakers: Ellen, Jack Harries, Shivi Dwivedi, Antony, Dani, Hannah

17:30 - 18:30: Ministerial dialogue with youth

Media Room

12.00 - 13.00: Podcast recording in progress

Curated by Abigael Kima

Friday 11th November - Science, Technology & Innovation, and Sustainable Cities & Urban Spaces

Conference Room

10:05 - 10:55

Impactful contributions and capacity-building of young professionals and youth, in climate-action and sustainable urbanisation projects.

Curated by: Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Initiative (CSCI) and SWiTCH

11:05 - 11:55

Fossil Free Education

Curated by: Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO)

12:00 - 12:25

Special address: TBC

12:35 - 13:25

Young Peoples’ Voices and Priorities on Climate Migration

Curated by: YOUNGO Migration Working Group, Migration Youth and Children Platform (MYCP), and Mtoto News

13:35 - 14-25

YOUTH IPCLS SOLUTIONS: Weaving traditional knowledge and technology

Curated by: Youth Global Alliance of Territorial Communities

14:30 - 14:55

TEDx slot: Sustainable Green Environment Initiative/Threading Change Foundation

15:05 - 15:55

How youth-led tech can tackle climate change ?

Curated by: Moroccan youth negotiators, UCA, Youth4Climate Morocco, Ana Masry Organisation.

16:05 - 16:55

Scaling the Formal Role of Youth in Climate Negotiations

Curated by: COP27 Presidency /African Union Envoy on Youth Office and LAC young people by UNICEF

17:05 - 17:55


Curated by: Midia India, Red de Juventudes y Cambio Climático, FILAC, Youth Climate Report, La Tlacuacha Compartida

18:00 - 19.30

LAC Youth Networking Session

Media Room

12.00 - 13.00: Podcast recording in progress

Curated by Abigael Kima

Saturday 12th November - Adaptation and Resilience

Conference Room

10:05-1055: Changing the Youth Narrative: From Risk to Resilience

Organizers: Sendai Framework Children and Youth Stakeholder Group (MGCY DRR), Youth Resilience Lab (YRL), Voluntary Service Overseas ( VSO), YOUNGO, UNDRR Stakeholder Engagement Mechanism (SEM), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), SilverLining Sustenta Honduras
Description: Youth and children, while experiencing worsening impacts from climate change, offer unique solutions to the risks they experience. Child and youth-led climate action planning is already resulting in innovative pathways to climate resilience. This interactive session will explore the solutions and approaches youth and children are bringing to climate resilience.
  • Showcase good practices of children and youth climate action contributing to climate change adaptation at the local level, including child and youth led climate action planning.
  • Equipping children and youth with skills and knowledge, to contribute to risk reduction and resilience policy processes.

Speakers:Showcase Session (20 mins): Youth led climate resilience planning’Moderator: Wezzie Chimwala (female, 29, VSO Youth Leadership Specialist) - Introducing child and youth led climate pathways. Interactive demonstration of resilience batteries. Showcase Presentation: Liome Kwihangana, VSO Youth Education Specialist, Voluntary Service Overseas (male, RWANDA,28 years old ) – Discovering climate resilience pathways through child led climate action planning. Showcase Session (10 mins): Engaging youth on disaster risk through research on climate interventionsShowcase Presentation: Madeleine Karlsberg Schaffer, Lead of Global Youth Initiative, SilverLining, (female, Scotland ,26 years old ), Carlos Nuñez, Associate Director, Sustenta Honduras (male, HONDURAS, 24 years old) – Increasing resilience and mitigating disaster risk through capacitating youth in scientific research in climate interventionsWorkshop Session (25 mins): Climate Change, Migration and Locally Led Climate Adaptation Strategies’Workshop Lead: Sherif Elrefaey and Joyce Mendez, United Nations Children's Fund

11:05 - 11:55: Sustainability ignored: The resilience of rural communities in the face of the climate crisis.

Organizers: Young Volunteers for the Environment-YVE, Solidaridad East & Central Africa
Descriptions: Presentation of a documentary project on adaptability in rural communities and the analysis of old and young voices about the past and the future that awaits us in the face of the effects of climate change.
Objectives: Get to know the voices of historically marginalized communities and understand how our present is the future of the world. Position a new debate on how we should see adaptability and learn from the least listened to communities.
  • Sydne Mares (indigenous zone of Ecuador, 18 years old)
  • Maria Camara (Mexico, 23 years old)
  • Mercelline Attegoua (-Togo-YVE, 25 years old)
  • Sweeny Binsari (-Kenya -Solidarity East, Central & Southern Africa, 37 years old)
  • Fassil Gebremeyehu (-Ethiopia -YVE, 50 years old)

12:00 - 12:25: Special address: Patrick V. Verkooijen, CEO of Global Center on Adaptation

12:35 - 13:25: Reclaiming the Earth Through Arts and Culture.

Organizers: UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office
1. With the support of UNICEF MENA and KARAMA network, representatives from our joint female-led Technical Cohort on Climate Change and Wa’ed Network will lead a community dialogue on gendered dimensions of climate change. This dialogue will be centered around gender responsive adaptation strategies and indigenous solutions for climate mitigation and response. The community dialogue will include panelist discussions and plenary.
2. Art offers powerful opportunities to express our common humanity, spark conversation, connect diverse young people, imagine new solutions, and promote action for positive change. By recognizing the important contributions of young women youth leaders in climate change and crisis, the speakers will present their artworks visualizing their climate adaptation strategies.
3. Thereafter, participants in the community dialogue will have the opportunity to express adaptation and loss and damage through painting their own art work. Technical guidance will be given to the young painters to inspire them to express themselves. The paintings will be displayed at the Youth Pavilion, exhibiting the ambition of young women leaders in the Arab region and encouraging innovative and strong commitments coming out of the COP27.
Objectives: Recognizing the interconnection between gender equality, environmental justice and community resilience, UNICEF MENA and KARAMA is supporting female youth-led movements and networks to ensure adolescent girls’ and young women’s leadership and solutions in climate action. By engaging female youth-led mechanisms in strategies to inform national level policies and advocate at the local level, this workshop highlights the importance of putting female youth-led solutions and gender equal adaptation strategies at the forefront of climate action and response. This workshop aims to discuss that climate change is not gender neutral but rather amplifying already existing gender inequalities with the most marginalized communities experiencing the greatest impacts. As such, gender responsive approaches and intergenerational movement building is essential in responding to climate change. It is vital that we listen to young women leaders who continue to provide activism that center climate change issues they are confronted with in their countries. Beyond technical discussions, the workshop will showcase adolescent girls’ and young women’s stories, solutions and knowledge on the impact of climate change and crisis expressed through paintings and art works.

13:35 - 14:25: Youth as Peer Educators for the Energy Transition

Organizers: SDG7 Youth Constituency and IRENA- International Renewable Energy Agency
Descriptions: The session will consist of an interactive training and workshop drawing from the content of the Peer Education Toolkit developed by the SDG 7 Youth Constituency and the International Renewable Energy Agency (described above in the added value section).Participants will be broken into small groups and assigned different content from the toolkit which they would then practice presenting on as if they were leading their own training. The aim will be to build the renewable energy knowledge of the attendees and at the same time encourage them to facilitate their own workshops once returning.
Objectives: The session aims to highlight the important role that young people play in educating their peers and communities on climate and energy issues. This will be achieved through the sharing of tools and resources that young people can use to lead their own workshops. The toolkit, developed by SDG 7 Youth Constituency and IRENA with input from UNICEF consists of presentation materials and a facilitator guide that young people can use to lead their own trainings in their communities, schools, universities and constituencies. The toolkit focuses on the role of renewable energy in addressing climate change and achieving a sustainable future. Key topics covered include: Renewable energy basics, Renewable Energy and Climate Action, Renewable Energy and the SDGs, Just and Inclusive Transition, Policies and Youth Led Advocacy and Youth Led Action for the Energy Transition.
  • Joyce Mendez: SDG7 Youth Constituency
  • Samah Elsayed: IRENA

14:30 - 14:55 TEDx slot Global Center on Adaptation/International Centre for Climate Change and Development/Envirox

15:05 - 16:25: YouthAdapt Challenge 2: Youth-led Innovations for Climate Action in Africa.

Organizers: African Development Bank (AfDB), Global Center on Adaptation (GCA), Climate Investment Funds (CIF)

Description: The event will be moderated by Allan Kasujja, a renowned journalist and BBC anchor.

  • Welcome by Moderator
  • Overview of the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP) and YouthADAPT
  • Speech by Dr Akinuwmi Adesina, President African Development Bank.
  • Speech by Prof. Dr. Patrick Verkooijen , CEO Global Centre on Adaptation
  • Speech by Malfada Duarte, CEO Climate Investment Fund
  • Youth Speakers: 2021 Cohort of 35 years and Below.
  • Interlude: 3-minutes video showcasing testimonies from 2021 winners “entrepreneurial spirit of African youth driving climate action”
  • YouthADAPT Challenge 2022 brief by representative of High-Level Jury
  • Unveiling the YouthADAPT 2022 Winners (20) by High Level Panel (35 years and below)
  • Transition to closing session
  • Donor Roundtable and Open Dialogue with Youth entrepreneurs: How can we take the YouthADAPT challenge to Scale? Dr. Akinuwmi Adesina, Prof. Dr. Patrick Verkooijen, Youth Envoy for COP27 Omnia El Omrani; UNICEF, NDF, Other donors
  • Closing Reflections: AU Youth Envoy and UN Youth Envoy (35 years and below)
  • Wrap-up by Moderator
  • Group Photo
  • Post Event - Media Interview of Winners and Conveners of YouthADAPT Challenge

  • Successfully deliver on awarding winners of the 2022 African Youth Adaptation Solutions Challenge (YouthAdapt Challenge 2022)
  • Amplify the voices of African youth as valuable contributors to climate action - as agents of change, entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Showcase the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program’s (AAAP) pioneering youth program that is already helping youth accelerate their efforts and deliver innovative adaptation solutions at scale through multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • Host a donor roundtable to share experiences and explore partnership opportunities to scale up the YouthAdapt program

Media Room

12.00 - 13.00: Podcast recording in progress

Curated by Abigael Kima

Monday 14th November - Gender and Water

Conference Room

11:05 - 11:55: Investing in Socio- Economic Power of African Women and Girls
Organizers: Nala feminist and Tremendas
Description: During this panel of storytelling, African women activists will discuss the importance of investing in the Socio-Economic power of women and girls and the impact of that on women and girls individual journeys and on a global level.
  • Susan Wavinya Wairimu, Kenya
  • Victorine Nchokuno Ngimou, Cameroon
  • Joanita Babirye, Uganda
  • Siouar Douss, Nalafem Coordinator (Moderator)
  • Trinidad Valenzuela Carvallo

12:35 - 13:25: Accelerating Youth Ecopreneurship and Policy Leadership for #GenerationRestoration

Hosts:, UN Decade Youth Taskforce, YOUNGO Nature Working Group

Description and objectives:
Youth and future generations will be most impacted by the degradation of ecosystems and climate change. At the same time, young people are proving to be increasingly important partners in delivering local action and informing policy to protect and revive Earth’s ecosystems.
In response to the urgency to safeguard our planet, the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) – a 10-year effort to restore the natural world, led by FAO and UNEP – launched a UN Decade Youth Taskforce to help mobilize youth leadership for nature. In support of its mission, the World Economic Forum’s - Trillion Trees Platform and the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) with the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) have jointly convened the #GenerationRestoration Youth Hub - a global community of influential youth ecopreneurs and activists to support the youth-led restoration movement.
This intergenerational workshop will (1) identify key levers to accelerate and scale youth-led initiatives to conserve and restore ecosystems (2) build connections between youth leaders, ecopreneurs, private sector leaders and investors in the restoration space.
  • Whitney Johnston, Director of Sustainable Oceans Programme, Salesforce

  • Ms. Veena Balakrishnan, Co-Founder, Climate Youth Negotiator Program (CYNP), India
  • Mr. Zihan Xuan, UN Decade Youth Task Force
  • Ms. Helena Gualinga, indigenous climate activist
  • Mr. David Dao, Founder, GainForest

Discussion Leaders:
  • YOUNGO Nature Working Group: Ms. Yoko Lu
  • Eirini Sakellari, Youth Coordinator, Global Landscapes Forum

13:35 - 14-25: Seeds for Equality: Young Women Shaping Regenerative Agriculture and Empowering Female Farmers in the Global South
Organizers: EmpoderaClima, YPARD Brazil and Ban Ki-moon Centre
Description: This session highlights the crucial action that is taken by young women to shape regenerative agriculture and, hence, foster gender equality, youth empowerment and climate justice in the Global South. Through live pitches and a documentary short film, the session showcases concrete initiatives led by young women, which empower communities, female farmers and foster resilient food systems.
  • Elevating knowledge and awareness on regenerative agriculture and the importance of women farmers for sustainable food systems, climate adaptation and improved livelihoods in the Global South.
  • Inspiring further action by showcasing concrete best practices led by young women to shape regenerative agriculture and empower communities, as well as other female farmers in the Global South.

  • Viola Christian, Germany, Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens
  • Renata Koch Alvarenga, Brazil, EmpoderaClima
  • Heitor Dellasta, Brazil, YPARD
  • YPARD/EmpoderaClima
  • Analí Bustos - Reserva Monte Alegre - Argentina/Brazil
  • Dámaris Herrera Salazar - YPARD Perú
  • Phenny Omondi, Kenya, Dophia Agroforestry
  • Ban Ki-moon, Republic of Korea, Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens

15:05 - 15:55: Climate Policies and Intergenerational Equity: Amplifying Meaningful Youth Engagement in NDCs
Description: This event will highlight gender, child, and youth analysis of NDCs with the goal to identify gaps and opportunities for greater child and youth-sensitive policies, and to uplift recommendations from young people on what must be considered in the Global Stock Take and NDC updates.
Objectives: Highlight youth climate advocates who are pushing for a more inclusive, sustainable, and intergenerational climate action within Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) Increase youth agency to participate in NDC updates and implementation. Identify opportunities in child and youth-critical social services for greater attention, includingfinancial investment.
  • Amy Wickham, UNICEF HQ
  • Gabriela Taveras, Care about Climate, Dominican Republic
  • Haddijatou Ceesay, Care about Climate, Gambia
  • Shreya KC / Saher Baig, YOUNGO, Nepal / Pakistan
  • Sherif Elrefaey, UNICEF Egypt, Egypt

Moderation by Hailey Campbell, USA (Care about Climate)

16:05 - 16:55: Building your water and climate career
Organizers: International Secretariat for Water
Objectives: Through an intergenerational dialogue, this session will also allow young professionals to explore different career pathways and shape their career aspirations in the water & climate space. This session will also support organizations to improve their ability to attract and advance young water & climate professionals.
Description: Our session will host dialogues between youth participants and major water and climate organizations on the challenges of entering the professional world in the water and climate space and how to overcome these barriers. This session will present innovative initiatives such as the Youth for Water and Climate Programme.
  • Maria-Alexandra Constantinescu, Youth for Water and Climate, Belgium
  • Hasmik Barseghyan, European Youth Parliament for Water, Armenia
  • Daniel Koto Gagnon, Beninese Network of the World Youth Parliament for Water, Bénin
  • Nourhan Abdelazim, Water Youth Network, Egypt
  • Dario Soto-Abril, Global Water Partnership, Sweden
  • Jose Jorge Enriquez Wasmuth, Paraguayan Youth for Water Network, Paraguay

17:05 - 17:55: Amplifying the Voices of Asia-Pacific Youths, Indigenous and Local Communities for Climate Justice
Organizers: UN Secretary General's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, CarbonCare InnoLab, Fridays For Future India , Fridays For Future Mapa, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, YOUNGO, Land Rights Now, International land Coalition, Rights Resource Initiative
Description: The voices of youths, indigenous, and local communities should be heard. The Asia-Pacific region has been facing various devastating climate crises, but these issues are yet to be resolved. This side event at COP27 will highlight the topic of climate justice in the region and how youths can be one of the potential solutions in local and global contexts.
  • To enable youths from APAC region to share their experiences on climate actions, and to amplify the voices of indigenous youths to raise the demands and voices,
  • Spark discussion for mutual learning and collaboration, and to
  • Spread the passion and energy of youth for climate action through art and cultural performances.

  • Archana Soreng (Member of the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change and climate activist) - India
  • Chin Chin Lam (of CarbonCare InnoLab) - Hong Kong

4 speakers
  • Ching Tsz Yan (of CarbonCare InnoLab) - Hong Kong
  • Aroe Ajoeni (of Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY)) - Malaysia
  • Laetania Belai Djandam (of Health in Harmony / Climate Reality Indonesia)
  • Sohanur Rahman, (Co-Founder of Fridays for Future) - Bangladesh

Media Room

12.00 - 13.00: Podcast recording in progress

Curated by Abigael Kima

Tuesday 15th November - ACE

Conference Room

10:05-10:55: New safe, creative strategies for youth climate champions
Organizers: Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network, Climate Live
Objectives: To promote and advocate for meaningful Youth Engagement as we enter the "implementation" phase of commitment to GHG emission reduction while also providing young people the platform to showcase their intervention through their innovation and passion.Description: Seeing that Climate action is backed by national commitment; the NDCs, Our session designed for young people by young people will have a panel of young experts discuss their advocacy work over the years making a case for the urgent need for necessary support for climate action championed by young people.
  • Tafadzwa Chando - Program Director
  • Precious Kalombwana - Coordinator - Zambia
  • Abubakar Kromah - Coordinator - Liberia
  • Farzana Faruk - Coordinator - Bangladesh

11:05 - 11:55: Youth Momentum for Climate Education
Organizers: Mock COP, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
  • Intergenerational dialogue between youth speakers and leaders to share the challenges and need for support to foster intergenerational dialogue and collaboration
  • Sharing the working modalities of young stakeholders from different parts of the globe
  • Provide a platform to interact and learn good practices from one another
  • Promote collaboration and partnership between like-minded organizations
  • Share ideas and tips to engage the policymakers and develop climate education momentum in one’s country and region.

Description: Our roundtable discussion will bring youths, youth organizations, and leaders from around the world and share their working mechanisms, challenges, recommendations, and good practices, primarily focusing on climate education and youth-led initiatives. Each of the partner organizations will share each other’s campaign success and ways to build strong momentum for climate education. We aim to spur action from all community members and promote an all-hands-on-deck approach to tackling the climate crisis and achieving climate justice.
Two parallel inter-generational roundtable discussions on a) Capacity-building gaps and good practices in climate educationb) Mainstreaming policies to support youth-led initiatives
  • Porag Aman, 22 years, Male, Bangladesh (Mock COP)
  • June Peace, 27 years, Male, Zimbabwe (IFRC)
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports, Egypt (IFRC)
  • A leader from a country championing climate education (TBC)

12:35-13:25: Youth-led solutions: Putting people and the planet first through Innovations from the Global South

Organizers: UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited, Impulsouth Project consisting of the following partners United Nation University (UNU-VIE), Fundación Avina, FLACSO Ecuador and IDRC

Objectives: The masterclass session will be facilitated by young experts sharing experiences on the following youth-led solutions around green youth entrepreneurship, youth-led green activism and volunteering, or how public private youth partnerships can create a greener, more innovative future.

Description: In this masterclass session young changemakers will share their practical expertise and diverse perspectives based on their work on innovative green solutions. The session aims to foster inclusive dialogue, promote learning and capacity building, exchange of experience, and potentially spark new ideas and collaboration among youth leaders from all sectors.


  • Hana Sahatqija– Youth Engagement Lead from GenU

  • Emmanuel Cheo - Associate Academic Officer, UN University

  • Zeinabou Maman Noura (Niger, 29, female) Physician, Resident of Endocrinology, metabolism and Nutrition medical speciality and Head of the Gender, Environment & Climate Change at the Nigerien Association of Environment Scouts (ANSEN)

  • Amal Ridene – Climate activist from Tunisia and GenU YPAT member (Tunisia, 25, female)

  • Corayma Estrella (Dominican Republic, 25, female) Legislative advisor on environmental policies and development in the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic.

  • Jean Claude Niyomugabo – Co-founder and CEO of Speke Farms and GenU YPAT member (Rwanda, 22, male)

  • Jonathan Andreas (Madagascar, 30, male)

  • Ineza Grace – Executive Officer and GenU YPAT member, Green Protector, 25, Rwanda

  • Philippa Hamakasu (Zambia, 31, female): Climate Change Officer at the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment

  • Calvin Shikuku – founder of Motorbricks Limited and GenU YPAT member, Kenya, 25

  • Vicky Aridi – Project Manager YEO and GenU YPAT member, Kenya, 23, female

13:35 - 14-25: Putting human rights at heart of climate action through action for climate empowerment

Organizers: Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI)
Objectives: The overall objective of this side event is to stimulate and deepen discussions on human rights and action for climate empowerment (ACE), which are key to ensure that climate action is grounded in human rights and builds social-ecological resilience of current and future generations. In this regard, this workshop aims to:
  • Increase awareness of the mutually reinforcing relationship between human rights and climate change, and ways human rights-based approaches to climate action can be advanced through ACE.
  • Convene youth experts, representatives of international organizations and ACE focal points to exchange ideas, innovations and good practices for enhancing ACE.
  • Explore partnerships and shape potential initiatives on human rights and climate change between ACE focal points and youth groups.
  • This side event will foster necessary discussions on operationalising ACE, which needs to be accelerated. It also seeks to explore how technology can be best harnessed to ensure that ACE activities contribute to more inclusive and equitable outcomes.

Description: This side event will be a 60-minute-long workshop that begins with a facilitated exchange of experiences and good practices between youth experts, ACE focal points and international organizations on how ACE can be scaled up to support more inclusive and equitable climate outcomes. It will then be followed by an interactive scenario-based discussion on ACE wherein participants will be asked to develop activities and strategies to contribute to enhance participation and access to information in climate action. This session will be concluded with a reflections session, where participants will share insights and thoughts into how digital technology and other approaches can be leveraged to make climate change policies and programmes more inclusive and equitable.
Moderator: Victor Bernard (age 30)
  • Romchat Wachirarattanakornkul (age 35) (TBC)
  • Rosalind Rattana (age 28) (TBC)
  • Zuhair Ahmed Kowshik (age 25) (TBC)
  • Fairda Malem (age 54) (TBC)
  • Solomon Yeo (age 25) (TBC)
  • Farzana Faruk Jhumu (age 23) (TBC)

15:35 - 16:25: Building Momentum for Youth Climate Empowerment: A Way Forward
Organizers: Global Youth Development Institute (GYDI), Center for Climate and Sustainability Education (CCSE) Ghana
Description: Young people across the world urgently require further empowerment in order to reach their full potential as ambitious leaders in solving the climate crisis. Understanding the related challenges and opportunities, while fully implementing Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) to address these, is key to building momentum for a way forward.
Objectives: This session will showcase examples of youth-led climate action in the context of the challenges and opportunities related to youth climate empowerment, while also exploring youth demands related to the SB56 and COP27 negotiations on the first Action Plan for ACE. Outcomes from both will inspire and guide further efforts.
Speakers :
  • Timothy Damon, Founder & President, GYDI (USA)
  • Sarah Darcie, Policy & Research Officer, Youth Climate Council Brazil (Brazil)
  • Hussain Kassim, Executive Coordinator, Center for Climate and Sustainability Empowerment (Ghana)
  • Manar El kebir, Founder, EcoWave (Tunisia)
  • Nhu Nguyen, Co-Founder, Viet Nam Youth Climate Action Network (Vietnam)
  • Ashima Gulati, Executive Director, Future Climate Leaders Program (India)
  • Temilade Salami, Founder, EcoChampions (Nigeria)
  • Chin Chin LAM, COP27 Delegate, GYDI (Hong Kong)

16:35 - 17:25: Young Voices from the Sahel with UNICEF and GLOBE International

Organizers: UNICEF and GLOBE International
Objectives: This session seeks to sensitize and empower African youth on climate change and practical action through engagement with political decision-making processes and on-the-ground implementation. It emphasizes youth agency in delivering on all areas of children’s rights – health, nutrition, education, protection, in a region where most of the children, and in particular adolescent girls, are deprived of their fundamental rights.
Description: Africa has the youngest population in the world, with over 60% under the age of 25. As climate impacts hit the continent hard and undermine development gains, how can young people work together with decision-makers to go beyond protest to practical action? This panel debate profiles inspiring examples with Young Voices from the Sahel, UNICEF and GLOBE Legislators.
  • Oumou, 22 yo woman, Guinea
  • Nassyra, 30 yo woman, Niger
  • Aissata, 22 yo woman, Mali
  • Pavert, 25 yo man, Cameroon
  • Soyleymane, 21 yo man, Burkina Faso
  • Maguette, 21 yo, Senegal
  • Seydouba, 24 ye Guinea
  • Edwige, 22 yo man, Chad
  • Zara, 21 yo woman, Chad
  • Dimitri, 24 yo, man, Burkina Faso
  • Fatoumata, 18 yo woman, Mali
  • Abdoulaye, 18 ye man, Mali
  • UNICEF coordinator: Rose Zara Chitou
  • Co-chair Globe:Nnaemeka Oruh
  • Parliamentarians: Amira Saber (Egypt), Lawrence Songa (Uganda), Samuel Onuigbo (Nigeria), to be confirmed (Senegal), Umulkher Harun (Kenya)
  • GLOBE Youth expert contributor: Helen Gent

17:35 - 18:25: Communication as a tool to fight for rights by indigenous youth in the Amazon
Organizers: The Nature Conservancy
Description: In order to expand their voice, several young indigenous communicators from the Amazon have used communication as a tool to fight for rights, producing video, images, audios and articles for websites and social networks of indigenous organizations. The debate will bring together some of these communicators to share their experience.
  • To inspire young activists throughout the Amazon to use communication as a tool to bring their voice to the world.
  • To showcase a new way of strengthening leaders and representatives of the various indigenous peoples in the fight to protect their rights.

  • Alana Manchineri, communicator at the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (COIAB)
  • Kaianaku Kamaiurá, communicator at the Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Mato Grosso (FEPOIMT)
  • Cristian Wari’u Tseremey’wa, communicator at the Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Mato Grosso (FEPOIMT)
  • Vanessa Apurinã, Coordinator Secretariat of the Organization of Apurinã and Jamamadi Indigenous Peoples (OPIAJ)
  • Maria Clara Calle, France 24 Latin America, journalist (moderator)

18:30 - 19:00: Capturing Health and Climate Justice: Using film to tell MAPA stories

Organizers: Climate Operation
  • Establish how film can be better harnessed to platform MAPA stories of the climate crisis Give MAPA storytellers a platform to authentically depict their stories.
  • Convene recent and established filmmakers to stimulate growth and knowledge exchange for better story depiction.
  • Build film-making and storytelling capacity amongst MAPA youth climate activists

Description: This event will open with a five-minute film screening, followed by an action-oriented panel discussion between climate justice film-makers. Panelists will discuss the use of film to tell MAPA stories of climate change, focusing on platforming MAPA youth and building capacity within the context of power imbalances.
  • Mita Huq - United Kingdom - University College London -Race and Health department
  • Mulindwa Patrick Hans - Uganda - Climate Operation Uganda
  • Nagginda Patricia Heizal - Uganda - Founder of Climate Operation Uganda
  • Gokul Rajendran - India - Founder of Govardhan AYURVEDA, YOUNGO Ocean's Voice Directive Board Member

Media Room

12.00 - 13.00: Podcast recording in progress

Curated by Abigael Kima

Wednesday 16th November - Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Conference Room

10:05 - 10:55: Advancing human rights standards in nature-based solutions: lessons from land to sea
Organizers: One Ocean Hub, YOUNGO
Description: This session focuses on biodiversity finance and the ocean-climate-human rights nexus. It will platform young voices on climate mitigation and adaptation with nature-based solutions. We ask what lessons can be learned from nature-based solutions in promoting and protecting children’s and youth rights as attention on ocean-based climate action grows.
  • Highlight the nexus between ocean, climate, biodiversity and human rights Explore how children’s rights can be promoted and protected when implementing nature-based ocean climate solutions in the marine environment.
  • Establish how we can maintain human rights standards in ocean nature-based solutions by learning lessons from land.

Speakers:Chair: Mitchell Lennan, One Ocean Hub, University of Strathclyde, UK and Mara Ghilan, LSE, Global Youth Ambassador (GAUC), YOUNGO, UKSpeaker 1: One children/youth representative from South Africa supported by Ms Mia Strand, Nelson Mandela UniversitySpeaker 2: Camila Awo Dzidzor from Keta, a coastal fishing community in Volta Region of Ghana supported by Dr Bolanle Erinosho, University of Cape Coast, Dr Harrison Golo, University of Education and Dr Ibrahim Sulley, Conflict Research Network West Africa - Ghana Office. Speakers 3: Maya-Natuk, Child Advisor to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, Greenland, supported by Katie Reid, terre des hommes. Speaker 4: Āniva, Child Advisor to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, Samoa, supported by Katie Reid, terre des hommes. Speaker 5: Sudha Kottillil, Global Youth Biodiversity Network, India.Speaker 6: Mark Haver, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, USA.Speaker 7: Cassia Patel, Oceanic Global, USA.Speaker 8: Emilie McGlone, Peace Boat, USASpeaker 9: Kayleigh Murray, Stellenbosch University, South AfricaSpeaker 10: Dr Bernadette Snow, One Ocean Hub, University of Strathclyde, UK.Speaker 11: Dr David Boyd, UN Special Rapporteur on the Environment and Human Rights. Speaker 12: Emily McKenzie, Technical Director, Taskforce on Nature-related FinancialDisclosures (TNFD), UK Speaker 13: Emily Lord, Columbia University, USSpeaker 14: Arimiyaw Saasi, Sciences Po, Ghana Speaker 15: Nick Robins, Professor in Practice for Sustainable Finance, Grantham Research Institute, LSE, UK

11:05 - 11:55: Communication as a tool to fight for rights by indigenous youth in the Amazon
Organizers: CarbonCare InnoLab, UN Secretary General's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, Fridays For Future India , Fridays For Future Mapa, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, YOUNGO, Land Rights Now, International land Coalition, Rights Resource Initiative

12:00- 12:30: High Level Dialogue: In conversation with Mary Robinson ( Former President of Ireland) & Dr Martin Frick, Director WFP Global Office

12:35 - 13:25: Voices of Displaced Youth: Climate Action through Sustainable Energy
Organizers: United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), GlobalPlatform for Action on Sustainable Energy in Displacement Settings (GPA)
Description: This interactive session will bring forward a youth-centred perspective on the role of energy access in displacement contexts and its relation to climate change. The session will be run by young, displaced energy experts and entrepreneurs and hold space for critical discussion on what climate change means for displaced communities across the globe and how energy can be, and is, a solution for mitigation and adaptation.
Objectives: The objective of the session is to offer a platform on a global stage for young displaced persons and host community members to share their insights and voices on energy access and its role in climate action. The session acts as a platform for the messages of global youth to be broadcasted and heard at the negotiations taking place at COP27.
Moderator: Innocent Ntumba Tshilombo, Disasters Climate and Crises - Cash Innovation expert (Male, The Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Speaker 1: Eman Ghaleb Hadi Al-Hamali, Micro Grid Entrepreneur (Female, Yemen)Speaker 2: Brian Onyango, Local Entrepreneur, Kakuma Refugee camp (Male, Kenya)

13:35 - 14-25: Incorporating Neurodiverse Youth Perspectives on Climate Change Adaptation
Organizers: Future Leaders Network
Description: Neurodiverse representation from future youth leaders within global leadership forums on climate change has largely been absent historically. Perspectives in identifying solutions to achieve adaptation, climate justice, education, and sustainability resilience, have been disseminated through the prism of neurotypical dialogue. This panel will discuss opportunities to incorporate neurodiverse youth perspectives within global climate change forums in the future.
Objectives: This event will showcase dialogue from panel members with experience of youth diversity representation within global forums. Topics discussed will examine how the international community can work collectively to ensure neurodiverse representation within international climate forums. Why diversity of thought exemplified through the lens of neurodiversity, is a significant factor in ensuring diverse perspectives are incorporated to achieve adaptation goals, will be discussed.
Moderator: Ameer Ibrahim, UK, Future Leaders Network
Panelist: Sophie Daud, UK, Future Leaders NetworkPanelist: Rosalind Skillen, UK, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful

15:05 - 15:55: En-ROADS Climate Workshop
Organizers: New Venture Fund/Climate Interactive
Description: The En-ROADS Climate Workshop is an interactive experience which helps build support for strategies to address climate change through the testing of the En-ROADS Climate Simulator. During the workshop, participants will be able to visualize the impact of different climate solutions in real-time, and learn about how to create equitable transformation.
Objectives: The En-ROADS Climate Workshop grounds and tests climate solutions in the best available science, offers insights into the dynamics at play between solutions, and provides a space to explore mental models.
  • Yasmeen Zahar, United States, New Venture Fund/Climate Interactive;
  • Clara Iglesias, Argentina, New Venture Fund/Climate Interactive

16:05 - 16:55: Youth Climate and Energy Futures Lab
Organizers: School of International Futures (SOIF)
Objectives: Based on the existing NGFP Programmes and Projects, the objectives of the Climate and Energy Futures Lab are as follows;
  • To create a space focused on learning within a safe space that is youth led and youth focused - The climate and energy lab will look to impart foresight tools on the youth to explore future work through a climate and energy lens within a space that is inclusive, diverse and prescient.
  • To create a youth-led space focused on engaging with the foresight tools to create preferred visions, contingencies, assumptions and outcomes of various potential pathways in addressing global climate and energy issues. This Lab will share their visions to create collaborations across various sectors represented by the workshop attendees.
  • To continue the building of a dynamic community of new climate and energy futures practitioners, expanding on the foresight community with a particular focus on climate change. The tools acquired by the youth will allow the conceptual interrogations of foresight use with respect to their various sectors and spheres of influence.

Description: The Youth Climate and Energy Futures Lab intends to undertake a futures workshop with the youth at the first ever Youth Pavilion at COP. The workshop looks to encourage the youth in various sectors within the climate and energy space to address developmental issues through a foresight lens.
  • Passy Amayo (Speaker) - Kenya
  • Iman Bashir (Speaker) - Kenya
  • Fisayo Oyewale (Speaker) - Kenya
  • Jabri Ibrahim (Facilitator) - Kenya
  • Chiagozie Udeh (Facilitator) - Nigeria
  • Zainab Yunusa (Facilitator) - Nigeria
  • Gideon Olanrewaju ((Facilitator) - Nigeria
  • Shem Omasire (Facilitator) - Kenya
  • Ricardo Pineda (Facilitator) - Honduras
  • Nourhan Badr El Din (Online Facilitator) - Egypt

17:05 - 17:55: Fearless Futures: Art for climate impact

Media Room

12.00 - 13.00: Podcast recording in progress

Curated by Abigael Kima

Thursday 17th November - Policy and Governance (Loss and Damage)

Conference Room

10:00 - 10:25: Closing Ceremony of the Children & Youth Pavilion at COP27

10:35 - 11:25: Youth Perspectives on Loss and Damage finance and positive climate action
Organizers: Loss and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC), Living Laudato Si' Philippines/Aksyon Klima Pilipinas
  • Uplifting the voices of youth from highly impacted communities through storytelling
  • Helping audience understand the impact of Loss and Damage, human rights and well-being
  • Promoting feminist and youth leadership as key stakeholders in decision making processes

Description: Sharing of untold African and Asian stories of the losses and damages experienced by young people and seeks to explore the challenges of reparations and explore loss and damage financing for resilience and restitution. The focus is to uplift perspectives from youth greatly impacted by climate change and are on the frontlines of creating change within their communities and recognizing they are key to building innovative long-term solutions to address key climate challenges and ushering in a more sustainable future.
Moderator: LDYC - Brenda Mwale
Speaker 1: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador - Venesa Nakete Speaker 2: FFF Mapa speaker - Speaker 3: Plan International Senegal - Carine Adama Ndeye MBENGUESpeaker 4: LYDC – Ineza Umuhoza GraceSpeaker 5: YAG (UNDP-AP) - John Leo Algo Speaker 6: Living Laudato Si’ Philippines - Marinel Ubaldo

11:30 - 12:25Intergenerational dialogues on a Youth-Friendly Just TransitionOrganizers: YOUNGO, ILO

12:35 - 13:25African Youth Action at the Forefront of Climate ChangeOrganizers: COP27 presidency and the African Union Commission

13:35 - 14:25: Water connects : overcoming conflict by cooperation.
Organizers: Solidarity Water Europe - European Youth Parliament for Water
Objectives: The workshop is a role-playing game that allows youth to deepen their understanding of shared water resources management, water diplomacy, water use and their importance at regional and global levels. Youth will be challenged to overcome differences to build sustainable cooperation.
Description: The workshop is a simulation of a negotiation in a transboundary basin committee. The participants have to make decisions about how they will manage their water for the year. They have the choice to invest in nature-based water infrastructure, hard infrastructure or not to invest at all. Their choices will influence the future of the entire region.
  • Hasmik Barseghyan - Armenia - European Youth Parliament for Water
  • Stas Peters - the Netherlands - Scheldt Youth Parliament (online)
  • Solongo Otgonbayar - Mongolia - Water Youth Network (online)

14:30 - 14:55: Tedx Slot
15:05 - 15:55: How to establish a Youth Climate Council in your country?
Organizers: Youth Climate Council Global Alliance
Objectives: The aim of the session is to share experiences, good practices and lessons learnt on how to establish a Youth Climate Council. The objective is to equip young people and decision-makers with concrete guidelines, steps and necessary information to ensure institutionalized meaningful youth participation in climate politics in their countries.
Description: The session will focus on providing young people and decision-makers with first-hand expertise regarding establishing a Youth Climate Council (YCC) on national and subnational level. Initiators of the first ever YCCs in the world will present their journeys in their respective countries, while overcoming institutional obstacles, tokenization, and lack of political trust.
Moderator: Katarzyna Smętek, Poland,Youth Climate Council Global Alliance
Speakers:Speaker 1: Sarah Darcie, Brazil, Youth Climate Council Brazil Speaker 2: Margaret Impraim, Ghana, Youth Climate Council GhanaSpeaker 3: Elise Sydendal, Denmark, Youth Climate Council DenmarkSpeaker 4: Shivani S. Madarie, the Netherlands , Youth Climate Council the Netherlands

16:05 - 16:55: Moot Court: Earth in Your Hands
Organizers: Último Recurso
Objectives: We believe that experiencing the Earth in our hands will raise awareness, change mindsets, and call to action among the participants. Our house is on fire and we all need to become firefighters. The Moot Court and its outcomes will make this possible!
Description: Let’s simulate a lawsuit on Loss and Damage! The participants will start with a problem, being the responsibility of the petitioners to construct the process and framing their claim. The defendants will have the opportunity to build their defense. At the end, the teams will work together to select the policy proposals and litigation strategies they find most effective - which will be published later.
  • Mariana Gomes, Portugal, Último Recurso
  • Mikaelle Farias, Brazil, Fridays For Future

Media Room

12.00 - 13.00: Podcast recording in progress

Curated by Abigael Kima

Mural: Roots and Futures by Fearless Collective

Co-creating an affirmative piece of public art that articulates the dreams and visions we have for a just and equitable future.

Amidst a sea of visual representations of climate crises deeply rooted in Fear, Guilt and Saviour Syndromes, we use our Fearless Futures Methodology to tell our stories affirmatively, from the perspectives of the Global South.
Deriving from our traditional knowledge systems, we will use ritual, ceremony, folklore and mythology to remember, honour, nourish and create a future that reimagines systems of sustenance, interconnectedness, community and consumption. Our imaginations will be turned into a public mural to honour the work of peoples from across the Global South and various Indigenous Nations, as well as the communities we have co-imagined futures with, including: Indigenous peoples from across the Americas, fisherwomen from Bombay and Negombo, Dalit and Muslim waste workers from Delhi and Bangalore.
Come join our workshops or paint with us at the Children and Youth Pavilion in the Blue Zone from the 11-16 of November and create a space to imagine our fearless futures together.

The Hali-Hewa Podcast by Host and Producer - Abigael Kima

Abigail Kima will be recording her podcast from the Children and Youth Pavilion each day at COP.

COP27 - The Sharm-El-Sheikh Series: Abigael will be spotlighting activists and experts from across the globe based on the daily themes. She will also be getting the perspective of young people about their general experience at COP and the outcomes of very crucial agenda issues during the negotiations at COP.

About Abigael: A young energy expert and climate activist from Kenya. She is currently the producer and host of the new Hali-Hewa podcast (Hali-Hewa is a Swahili term for ‘climate’), profiling African activists and climate experts across eight 30-minute episodes airing through to COP27 on themes including a just energy transition, loss and damage, youth participation in intergovernmental processes and indigenous rights with Climate Home News as a partner syndicating this series. She is also the Africa Youth Lead for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary under the Parvati Foundation advocating for the protection of Arctic Sea Ice, and engaged in mentoring young people through the Green Generation Initiative and the Jubal Band in her hometown Iten.

About Hali Hewa Podcast: “Hali ya Hewa” is Swahili term for climate. Through sharing real stories and experiences, this podcast aims to make climate change relatable. Across 8 podcast episodes, key African players talk about the realities of climate change in Africa ahead of the Cop27 climate summit in Egypt in November. Themes include a just energy transition, loss and damage, youth participation in intergovernmental processes and indigenous rights.

Abigael will also be doing a daily newsletter at COP about the negotiations, sharing useful links for articles, news pieces and Op-eds and recommending side events for an audience of young people from across the globe. You can sign up for it on the podcast website.

Watch sessions from COP27