Programme Schedule

The Children and Youth Pavilion will feature nine days of programming across the following thematic areas: Loss and Damage; Health Adaptation & Resilience; Finance & Gender Equality; Energy and Indigenous Peoples; Urbanisation, Science Technology & Innovation; Education & Skills; Nature, Language Use and Oceans; Law and Policy; Food, Agriculture & Water; and Children & Youth. 

Saturday 2nd December - Loss & Damage

Sunday 3rd December - Health and Adaptation & Resilience

Monday 4th December - Finance and Gender Equality

Tuesday 5th December - Energy and Indigenous Peoples

Wednesday 6th December - Urbanisation and Science, Technology & Innovation

Friday 8th December - Education & Skills

Saturday 9th December - Nature, Land Use & Oceans and Law & Policy

Sunday 10th December - Food, Agriculture & Water

Monday 11th December - Children & Youth 

Mural: Roots and Futures by Fearless Collective

Co-creating an affirmative piece of public art that articulates the dreams and visions we have for a just and equitable future.

Amidst a sea of visual representations of climate crises deeply rooted in Fear, Guilt and Saviour Syndromes, we use our Fearless Futures Methodology to tell our stories affirmatively, from the perspectives of the Global South. 
Deriving from our traditional knowledge systems, we will use ritual, ceremony, folklore and mythology to remember, honour, nourish and create a future that reimagines systems of sustenance, interconnectedness, community and consumption. Our imaginations will be turned into a public mural to honour the work of peoples from across the Global South and various Indigenous Nations, as well as the communities we have co-imagined futures with, including: Indigenous peoples from across the Americas, fisherwomen from Bombay and Negombo, Dalit and Muslim waste workers from Delhi and Bangalore.
Come join our workshops or paint with us at the Children and Youth Pavilion and create a space to imagine our fearless futures together. 

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