What is the Children and Youth Pavilion

The Children and Youth Pavilion is a platform at COP27, led by youth and children. The pavilion provides a place for events, discussion, education, creativity, policy briefings, and media engagement. The programme is led and curated by young people. It will be a place to bring together and amplify the voices of young people from across the world.

We will demonstrate that the youth fighting for climate justice and climate action, are united, empowered, connected, and responsible for powerful engaged networks – seeking solutions and action on climate change.

We will show that young people have the competence and expertise across all sectors of the climate agenda, engaging on diverse platforms and channels to fight for climate justice across the globe

Who is involved in the Children and Youth Pavilion?

The Children and Youth Pavilion is being organized by 14 youth-led entities, which include the following organizations: African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC), Fridays for Future, Global Alliance of Territorial Communities, Global Indigenous Youth Caucus (GIYC), International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences(IAAS), International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, MOCK COP, SDG7 Youth Constituency, SIDS Youth AIMS Hub (SYAH), UNFPA Joint Youth Working Group on SRHR and Climate Change, UN Secretary General’s Youth Advisory Group, Youth4Nature and YOUNGO.

Other institutional partners include: the African Union Youth Division, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), Save the Children, UNICEF and the Climate Champions Team.

The Children and Youth Pavilion Steering Committee (SC) is made up of youth-led entities and institutions supporting youth engagement and inclusion. The SC has been involved right from the start of securing the pavilion space, managing the logistics and design of the pavilion layout, curating the programme of the pavilion, doing the agenda setting and ensuring the pavilion represents the values and aims of the youth climate movement. The institutional partners feed into youth plans, guiding and facilitating its development.

What are the aims of the Children and Youth Pavilion?

We want to give children and youth a voice at COP27 to push their agenda for climate justice.

We want to ensure meaningful child and youth presence in the Blue Zone at COP27.

We will prioritize giving children and youth the opportunity to set agendas and engage with influential stakeholders in a safe space, curating events and meetings that reflect our values.

We want to build understanding and solidarity across the region where COP will take place, which has a strong connection to social justice and advocating for human rights.

We want world leaders to take notice of us, to listen and to take meaningful action to tackling the climate and ecological crises.

What is the vision of the Children and Youth Pavilion?

The Children and Youth Pavilion has the vision to demonstrate that youth activated in climate are united, empowered, involved and connected with other stakeholders - that young people are a major stakeholder/actor/leader and not just an observer in the process. This central landing point is the pavilion space for the children and youth constituency to collaborate, organize, re-energize, and congregate within the Blue Zone. Our purpose is to emphasize that young people have the competence and expertise in all domains of the climate agenda. We employ diverse tools from dialogue to activism to deliver the key messages from the youth constituency as clearly and loudly as possible.
The Children and Youth Pavilion will be as representative and inclusive of the youth climate movement as possible, by showcasing its diversity and nuanced approach to climate action and awareness raising techniques.

What is the purpose and intended outcomes for the Children and Youth Pavilion?

We are a central point to amplify the statements, recommendations and demands by children and youth, from different backgrounds and perspectives. We prioritize the inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable groups including but not limited to Indigenous Peoples, to build solidarity and show the powerful alliances between youth movements and indigenous defenders of the land and native biodiversity. We also want to provide a conduit to the outside world, to allow the flow of information to and from COP.
The space will give youth entities the opportunity to engage with influential stakeholders and decision makers including country delegations to secure new commitments and decisions that advance the youth climate agenda.The pavilion will be a strategic lobbying and influence space where young people could influence Parties' view on child and youth engagement in order to ensure that they recognize the importance of youth in advocacy, policy, and implementation.

How are you funded?

The Children and Youth Pavilion has been funded by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), with in kind support from all other organising partners.