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Youth voices matter now more than ever. We have many youth spokespeople who are experts on climate justice, loss and damage, agriculture, energy, finance, gender equality, and much more besides. If you would like to interview or meet any of our spokespeople, please write to us at - or visit us at the Children and Youth Pavilion in the Blue Zone.

You can find our spokespeople profiles below:


Hailey Campbell (She / Her)

Co-Executive Director, Care About Climate

Nationality: Hawaii

Languages Spoken: English

Hailey Campbell is a Climate Resilience specialist, Action for Climate Empowerment Advocate, and the Co-Executive director of Care about Climate. Hailey has also been working with YOUNGO for two years, in which time she has been instrumental in Uplifting the perspectives, experiences, and voices of youth on the frontlines of climate change, organizing and participating in bilateral discussions with high-level UN officials and policy-makers regarding youth perspectives on the Paris Agreement.


Joyce Mendez (She / Her)

Member of the Youth Advisory Council of the Global Center of Adaptation

Nationality: Columbia and Paraguay

Languages Spoken: Spanish, Portuguese, English and learning Arabic

Joyce Mendez is a Technoxamanist, TEDx lecturer, and social entrepreneur working on transboundary cooperation in the water-energy-food nexus with an emphasis on energy justice and adaptation. Currently, she is the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Focal Point of the SDG7 Youth Constituency and member of the IRENA's Director- General's Global Council on Enabling Youth Action for SDG7, she’s a member of the Youth Advisory Council of the Global Center on Adaptation. Joyce works continuously with several organizations she has co-founded including the Latin American Observatory of Geopolitics of Energy, the Moema Viezzer Environmental Observatory, and Paraguayan Youth for Water and Climate Network. Currently she works as a climate change consultant in UNICEF-Paraguay.


Nadino Calapucha (He / Him)

Technical coordinator, Indigenous Defender Program

Nationality: Ecuador

Languages Spoken: Spanish

Nadino is a young leader of the Amazonian Kichwa Nationality, from the Arajuno Canton-Ecuadorian Amazon. Activism has been a part of Nadino’s life since he was a child. He is currently the Technical Coordinator of the Indigenous Defence Program, and has previously a member of the Youth Youth Council of the Indigenous Movement, as well as the Plurinational Representative of Indigenous Children and Adolescents of Ecuador.

Archana Soreng (She / Her)

UN Secretary General's Youth Climate Advisor

Nationality: India

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi

Archana is a UN Secretary General Youth Advisor on Climate Change. She has experience on research and advocacy on Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities and Climate Action. She is also a member of Indigenous Solidarity Working Group of YOUNGO (the official Children and Youth Constituency of UNFCCC). She works as Research Officer with Vasundhara, Odisha, an action, research and policy advocacy organization working on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, biodiversity conservation, sustainable livelihood and climate action in India. Archana is also on the Board of Land Rights Now, an international alliance campaign to secure Indigenous and community land rights globally.

Civil Society

Boitumelo Molete (She / Her)

Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), Social Development Policy Coordinator

Nationality: South Africa

Languages Spoken: English

Boitumelo is Social Development Policy Coordinator for Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). She has Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Law, a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences and Sociology, as well as a Research Sociology Certificate from University of Johannesburg.

Sustainable Cities

Saher Rashid Baig (She / Her)

Support Regional Focal Point for Europe, Children and Youth constituency for Sustainable Communities (CYCSC) under UNMGCY

Nationality: Pakistan

Languages Spoken: English

Saher is a Youth advocate for the climate, member of YOUNGO, campaign coordinator at Mock COP, and the constituency coordinator for sustainable communities as a part of CYCSC.


Eduarda Zoghbi (She / Her)

Senior Advisor, Student Energy

Nationality: Brazil

Languages Spoken: Portuguese, Spanish, English

Eduarda is a Brazilian Climate Acitivist and Senior Advisor for Student Energy. She has a wealth of experience in the intersection of energy and climate advocacy having worked at a United Nations affiliated organization called Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), as well as a climate change consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank in Brazil. Eduarda is passionate about making electricity access a priority and while working with SEforALL helped to implement electricity access policies and projects intended to mainstream gender in energy to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7.


Karishma Ansaram (She / Her)

PhD Researcher in Climate Finance at IESEG School of Management /Contact Point of YOUNGO Finance & Market Working Group

Nationality: Mauritius

Languages Spoken: English, French

Karishma is a PhD Researcher within the IÉSEG School of Management where she works on Environmental Finance and Economics with a focus on carbon markets and climate change. Karishma is currently engaged in diverse climate finance programmes such as NDC Financing Fellowship with Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and UNEP. Karishma also contributes to youth and community development through mentoring programmes with Edinburgh Business School, British Council and JCI Europe. She is involved in Youngo (UNFCCC Youth Wing) Finance and Markets working group.

Vladislav Kaim (He / Him)

UN Secretary General Youth Advisor on Climate Change

Nationality: Moldova

Languages Spoken: Romanian, Russian, English, Swedish, and Italian

Vladislav is an economist and climate action and sustainability advocate with vast experience at the UN level, as well as on multiple national and local platforms in Eastern European region. His main advocacy focus has been facilitating green jobs for youth and reforms to the multilateral climate finance agenda. In July 2020, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres appointed Vladislav to be one of his seven Youth Advisors on Climate Change and oversee the implementation of his Climate Strategy. Vladislav is also the contact point on green jobs at YOUNGO, official youth constituency to the UNFCCC, and 2021 IMF Youth Fellow.


Mana Omar (She / Her)

CEO/Founder, Spring of the arid and semi-arid lands, Youth leader, UN women FACJ-AC

Nationality: Kenya

Languages Spoken: Swahili, English

Mana is the CEO and Founder of Spring of the arid and semi-arid lands (SASAL). She is also a climate scientist and justice/gender advocate for the indigenous pastoralist communities of Kenya. Mana is a youth leader with the UN Women Feminist Action for Climate Justice Action Coalition, lead of Fridays For Future Kajiado and Refugees for Future Kenya. She is a member of Fridays For Future MAPA (Most Affected Peoples and Areas).

Science and Technology

Nisreen Elsaim (She / Her)

UN Secretary General Youth Advisor on Climate Change

Nationality: Sudan

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English

Nisreen is a UN Secretary General Youth Advisor on Climate Change and the chairperson of SYOCC. She is passionate about climate change and environmental governance. Nisreen has a a Master of Science in Renewable Energy from University of Khartoum. She is currently Pursuing and advocating for peace, social democracy, justice and human rights.

Youth and Future Generations

Ayisha Siddiqa (She / Her)

Co-founder Polluters Out, member FFFMAPA

Nationality: Pakistan, USA

Languages Spoken: English, Urdu

Ayisha Siddiqa is a Pakistani climate justice advocate. She is the co-founder of Fossil Free University and Polluters Out. Ayisha first became involved in climate activism when she launched her university's branch of extinction rebellion in May 2019. The organization held a strike on 7 October 2019 in Lower Manhattan, New York City. The strike included about 300,000 participants. As part of that protest, strikers doused fake blood on the Charging Bull, located on Wall Street.In response to the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference, she founded Polluters Out with Isabella Fallahi and Helena Gualinga. The organization was created in response to the realization that fossil fuel industries play a big role in the COPs. Fossil fuel companies who fund the COPs include Endesa, Iberdrola, Banco Santander and Acciona. As a result of this campaign, COP26 didn't include big oil companies as sponsors. British Petroleum was one such oil company denied sponsorship. Ayisha Siddiqa also joined the walkout at the TED Countdown Conference, which happened in Edinburgh in response to the speaker role given to Shell plc Chief Executive Officer, Ben van Beurden, and other fossil fuel executives. She is also the co-founder of Free Fossil University.Ayisha also attended the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in November 2021, where she critiqued the inaccessibility of the COP, especially for people from the Global South. Ayisha will be attending COP27 and is an official spokesperson for the Children and Youth Pavilion.

Mohab Sherif (He / Him)

Youth Climate activist, Campaign Coordinator with MOCKCOP and Youth Engagement Coordinator with ACTS Egypt

Nationality: Egypt

Languages Spoken: English, Arabic

Mohab is the Youth Engagement Coordinator for ACTS Egypt, and a campaign coordinator for Mock COP. He is extremely passionate about empowering youth leadership in climate action and has been heavily involved in the organisation of the Children and Youth pavilion at COP27.

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