The Children and Youth Pavilion is committed to providing a safe environment and a positive experience for all young people and children who engage and interact with us. The Pavilion is committed to A COP Fit for Children and the key areas outlined there and to the child safeguarding policies of Save the Children and UNICEF.

Safeguarding measures at the Pavilion

As per the UNFCCC code of conduct, you are encouraged to report any incident either to or directly to any badged UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) officer on the ground within COP28 Blue Zone.
In addition to this provision, the Pavilion will have the following Child Safeguarding Officers. Children and chaperones can contact anyone from the list below if you have any concerns, or need any support throughout the two weeks of COP28:
  • Mira Torres | | +44 7826859378
  • Joseph Tyrrell | | +44 7585983618
  • Teki Tetteh-Wright | |+44 7826 660 101 (available week 1)
  • Mridula Pandey | | +91 7428292397 (available week 1)
  • Maddy Watkins | | +44 7586729037 (available week 2)
  • Saumya Malhotra | | +91 8527398739 (available week 2)
  • Jennifer Domingo | | +971547729766
  • Niha Shahzadi | | +971523677940
  • Muhammad Walid Khan | | +971544227753
  • Mahmood Fida | | +971503107827
  • Ahmad Zakir | | +971556960788 

Their responsibilities include:
  • To be easily contactable so that children or adults can contact them with any CSG concerns
  • To provide clear and child-friendly information to children and adults on CSG and the processes and procedures in place at the Pavilion - including notifying children and chaperones on where they can get support, health, where they can eat/drink, and report any concerns
  • To track and report to the agreed channels on any concerns or incidents/reports that are shared with the CSG Officer

The Children and Youth Pavilion will adhere to the UNFCCC Code of Conduct work and work closely with the mechanisms in place for reporting complaints and investigating possible allegations

Resources for young people participating in COP28

A guide for young climate activists to understand, navigate, reduce and respond to the risks that may arise before, during and after an event, and includes information about available support. 

The COP28 Legal Protection Center offers legal resources to global coalitions and climate activists prior to COP28.